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Why Should We Book You?

February 23, 2015 - question -

At the majority of receptions we attend the bride or groom have themselves attended an event where we have been present and loved the concept and had their portraits taken.

Our service is primarily for your guest’s benefit rather than the bride and groom, indeed there are times when we don’t even see the bride and groom!

TheĀ Oahu family photographers suggest that two, or three ceremonial photographers will naturally be following the bride, groom and close family but that, of course, can mean that 400 people don’t have their photo taken!

What guests like is;

  • We provide a great product
  • Weddings are the one occasion when the entire family is dressed up – an ideal opportunity to have family portraits taken
  • It’s a great time to photos taken of their wider family group that they often only see at weddings
  • It’s fun!

Often we’ll see people more than once in the wedding seasonĀ and many people come back to us year after year building up a collection of images.

Remember, we understand that the reception is very important to you and we are respectful to guests and your own family. We don’t badger people to have their photos taken and operate a ‘no hard sell’ policy. If we are in the main room we will close down the studio during important moments such as bridal entrance and speeches (if any).

If you book us please do pop by – we’ll let you have some free prints to take away!


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